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Generation Meter - Elster - A1100 100A (500 Pulse/Kwh) Inc Cover

Generation Meter - Elster - A1100 100A (500 Pulse/Kwh) Inc Cover



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Generation Meter - Elster The A1100 100A meter is suitable for direct connected or CT operated domestic, commercial and light industrial polyphase applications. The meter is available as import only or import and export.

• A1100-MID Three Phase Digital kWh Meter (100A Direct Connected – Pulsed Output)

• The use of innovative metering technology provides cost-effective metering that is highly secure and maintains a high degree of accuracy over its full operating range.

• Available with a Liquid Crystal Display or a Mechanical Register. The Liquid Crystal Display version of the meter can be supplied with one or two rates. The display has a customer defined display sequence that can include security information. Chevrons and legends on the nameplate identify the data being displayed.

• The meter records extensive security data that can be viewed on the display. The same data is can be read via the IrDA communications port.

• The mechanical stepper register has 7 number wheels, large with digits. The most significant digit of the register can be blanked off by fitting a special nameplate to the meter at manufacture. Nameplate information can be in any language. The mechanical register version offers import kWh one rate only. Five LED’s are used to identify the status of the meter.

• Communications is provided via the IrDA port allowing the meter registers and security data to be read electronically using a hand-held device or via a hardwired connection. As an alternative to serial data the auxiliary terminals or RJ11 can be configured at manufacture to give SO type kWh consumption pulses. The pulsed output pulse value and pulse width is configured at manufacture and is independent of the test indicator pulse value.
Brand Elster
Weight 0.94Kg
Dimensions (H/W/D) 233 x 171.5 x 49mm

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