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Huawei Technical Support

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Huawei Fusion Solar Technical Support


Huawei Fusion Solar offers high quality, intelligent photovoltaic solutions. They have over 30 years of experience in producing highly efficient, safe and reliable technology products with operation and maintenance capabilities.

Huawei provides a technical support service that covers the entire product lifecycle and any solar installation. No matter where you are, Huawei will be there for you.


Technical Support


If you need technical support in the event of an equipment malfunction or warranty claim, please contact Huawei's support team:





In case of sending an email, please follow these next steps:


* Note: In case of equipment failure or support request you should always send the serial number of the equipment by email. *


Step 1. Download the checklist for support and warranty claims. Click here to download the checklist. You must fill this document, adding all information in this document or attach it to the email, and follow the next steps.

Step 2. Fill the checklist with basic information about the solar installation: name of the installation, inverter serial number, inverter model and description of the problem. Check the following images to see where to find the inverter serial number.



  • Inverter 25KTL - 30KTL



  • Inverter 2KTL - 5KTL

  • Inverter 45KTL - 65KTL
  • Inverter 90KTL - 105KTL


Step 3. Download the log in the Huawei app and attach to the email. If in doubt, click here, go to page 53 and follow the steps to download the log. Or click on the following link and follow the steps demonstrated in the video: https://support.huawei.com/enterprise/en/doc/EDOC1100032299?section=o001. Put also in the checklist the requested information: Download device logs, Inverter software version, AC voltage measurement and DC voltage measurement.

Step 4. Take pictures of the product and AC and DC measurements. You should photograph the following: AC and DC measurements image, Equipment image, Front image, Right side image, Left side image, Bottom side image, Damaged part image. Add the images to email or checklist.

Step 5. Do a screenshot of the active alarms and operation information and add it to the email or to the checklist. If in doubt, check the example images below:



Step 6. Record videos: showing the problem, showing the AC measurement and showing the DC measurement.


Note: You may send additional information that you consider important. You should send as much information as possible for the most accurate understanding and analysis.


For more technical information, please check the following links:


  • Huawei page to download datasheets, installation manuals and other documents:


  • Youtube page with installation videos of Huawei products:


  • Huawei Fusion Solar Forum:




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